About us

  • 2 generations 
  • 25 years of experience
  • 1000 km delivery zone
  • "just in time" delivery
  • Large, permanent stock
  • Steel pipes in regular trading sizes
  • Certified according to ISO



You can rely on us!


Competence paired with tradition is also very highly appraised by international customers

The Company was founded by Horst Frenkenberger in 1992. In the beginning, the main Task was the delivery of steel pipes of all sorts. Through the years, the company developed into a locally very renowned steel trader for large national and also international companies and construction projects.

In 1997 the company, so far being mostly engaged in drop shipments with the first company-own storage area, was enlarged by the business of steel pipes ex stock and since then has been able to even better meet the individual needs of the customers. 

Ever since, steel pipes of all sorts in individual lengths, galvanizes steel pipes, sandblasted steel pipes and coated steel pipes have been delivered as a standard.  

In the course of the further expansion of the company, the number of employees gradually grew to 10. This well-coordinated team supports the customers, advises by telephone and quickly and efficiently manages orders. In addition, the company was enlarged by more storage areas in Bürmoos, which is about 15 minutes to the north of Salzburg, as well as by machinery for professional loading and unloading, to enable `just in time` delivery, all from one source.  

As a logical consequence, the administrative seat of the company was also transferred to Bürmoos, which again considerably shortened the distances.

The machinery was also enlarged by the most modern cutting and welding equipment and has since been able to even better meet and fulfill the additional requirements of steel pipes.

With the deliverability of individually processed steel pipes the delivery zone could also be enlarged to 1.000 km, thus enabling national and international customers to convince themselves of the reliability of Frenkenberger as a supplier of new, declassified and used steel pipes in several projects. Such steel pipes are used in structural and civil engineering, construction of forest paths, noise protection and steel constructions.

Due to this steady growth, Frenkenberger developed itself as a transnational steel pipe wholesaler within 25 years. For several years, the destiny of the company has already been steered in second generation by Thomas Frenkenberger. Steadily and continuously investments in diversifications were made. Today, Frenkenberger´s customers are located in Austria and in countries such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia and beyond.