Areas of Application - Forest Paths

Steel pipes have also found their way into the construction of forest paths and bridges as a new and cost-saving area of application.  

Many years of experience in the application of steel pipes for cross-drainage and forest paths have made
Frenkenberger a specialist in this field.  
Pipes in the dimensions of
NW 159 to 2600mm - in almost any desired length can be delivered.

The pipes can be installed immediately and without any underlying bed; thus, also rapid availability as bridge replacement in case of severe weather conditions are possible.  
Due to the sturdiness of steel pipes, a long service life is guaranteed.  

Frenkenberger also supplies to building sites in extreme locations within a delivery zone of over 1.000 km! Thanks to the efficient fleet of vehicles and on-site crane unloading Frenkenberger is a flexible and efficient partner, even in extreme locations.