Areas of Application-Noise Protection

Due to a steadily increasing traffic frequency on roads and rails the significance of noise barriers is becoming more and more important. Noise protections walls are a significant remedy for a reduction of noise exposure for the people.  

For the installation of noise protection walls Frenkenberger offers special piles from new or used steel pipes.  

Thanks to the company-own pipe cutting machine the pipes can be cut according to the any desired fixed length.  

If needed, a header finish may be applied pursuant to the provisions of the Deutschen Bahn AG (RIL Bahn 800.2001) or pursuant to ZTV.LSW 88 (Street Policies).

All incurring blasting and coating work will be performed by Frenkenberger!

The pipes are delivered „just in time" to the construction site with the reliable vehicle fleet and are positioned on-site by means of professional crane unloading.